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I would like to say that I, Hazel, do not accept ownership of any of the images used on this site, unless I specifically state otherwise. I found them on the web and other websites. I do claim ownership of all my blog posts, although I did refer to a few websites to check my facts. With my coding, I found most (if not all) of it somewhere in the web. There are a few variations I made myself but most of it was not created by me. I claim full ownership of my website despite some aspects of the site (check pictures/most of my code) coming from the web, therefore I reserve all rights for my site.


You can contact me at my gmail


It's checked regularly so your question/comment/message/answer will (most probably) be heard.

Privacy Policy

I do not use your personal information in any way, shape or form. If I respond to any emails I will not send your account to any other people/bots/anything.