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Update #2

29 May 2020

I've decided to get rid of the other blog posts on my site - it feels really weird talking about personal stuff. I kind of feel like everyone out there knoews who I am 9which is silly, because of course they don't) and it's making me feel really anxious. So, I'm going to try work on that. I'm also going to be doing a revamp this weekend to the website inspired by a couple of other websites on Neocities = I'll be adding a minigame-esque entry page and hopefully a gallery for any future art I may make. The quality will be debatable, but still. SO anyways, bye. Oh - and you can email me at


Adios. Chow. Au Revoir. Bye. --Hazel.

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27 May 2020

I've been doing a couple of small updates to my site today and two of the things I added today were a Copyright/Contact/Privacy Policy page that I added into the naviagtion bar if you want to check it out, and also another little random page filled with cute little pictures from the web. I didn't add a link to it in the navigation bar BUT you can access it by clicking one of the cute little planets on the home page. Alright, that's a really short post, but I just wanted to notify you of this. And, as always, if you want to ask me something or have any suggestions for this site, email me at


Adios. Chow. Au Revoir. Bye. --Hazel.

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